una Storia Sartoriale

Rooted in tradition

Italian culture is deeply rooted in the OGER DNA. A culture characterized by the many family traditions; from the kitchen to the wardrobe. Everything revolves around the combination of traditional craftsmanship and style, which sets high quality standards. This means that the clothing, shoes and accessories from our Italian fashion houses are ultimate luxury products of world quality. Discover the characteristic places now and meet the hospitable, professional people behind our brands.

Generation upon Generation

It is said that it takes a lifetime to master a craft. Our Italian family businesses are no exception. All knowledge in the field of handmade leather shoes or cashmere from the most luxurious yarn is passed on from generation to generation. Brands that prove this are located in idyllic places such as Solomeo and Corridonia. The master of fashionable cashmere is Brunello Cucinelli and of handmade leather shoes; Santoni.

''Come with me to my tailors in Italy and tears will come to your eyes''

OGER Lusink

Sartorial Naples

Our Neapolitan tailors swear that the decades-long success of their family businesses is directly linked to the geographical origins of the workshops. The beautiful location on the coast and the warm weather; it all contributes to it. A concrete example is the creation of the lightweight, unlined jacket; developed at the beginning of the last century as a result of the warmer climate in Naples. Cesare Attolini, Orazio Luciano and Finamore exude this mentality as authentic, renowned names in Naples.

La Storia Di Sartoriale

You see the finished product but what you don't see are the hours spent making sure every detail is perfect. It's time to meet the tailors and discover what lies behind the scenes of our sartorial brands. Watch the video below and enter a workshop where your patterns are cut and each buttonhole is stitched by hand.