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Naples. Italy


The History of Cesare Attolini

Vincenzo Attolini started Cesare Attolini with a studio in Naples, Italy. This is where he started a revolution by questioning the British model and making his jackets as soft and light as a shirt.

Since then, three generations have been working hard on special customization. From every buttonhole to the Neapolitan shoulder insert: at Cesare Attolini, Italian craftsmen make every suit entirely by hand. This is done in a unique, traditional way, which takes them an average of 30 hours per pack.



Absolute quality of the highest level

Cesare Attolini stands for absolute quality, unique expertise and uncompromising expression. With a Cesare Attolini suit you can walk in peace among the best dressed gentlemen of Naples, the city of perfect tailoring.

The suits are handmade, piece by piece, in Italy. Only high-quality Italian fabrics such as wool and cashmere are used. Each suit is full canvas. The canvas molds perfectly to the body and is made of horsehair and linen. It is the most luxurious way to make a jacket.

Message from Massimiliano Attolini

''Vincenzo Attolini created the Neapolitan style. He made the jackets lighter, shrunk the volumes. And so, the jacket was created. The jacket we nowadays call the Neapolitan jacket.”

Cesare Attolini

''The tools to make a quality product nowadays are the same as back in 1930: a needle, thread and thimble.''

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