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Emanuele Maffeis

Emanuele Maffeis founded his company in 1958 in Bergamo. Due to his heritage and generations of knowledge, he was able to create shirts of the highest quality. Maffeis continues to develop by searching for special materials, both in Italy and abroad. The brand also continues to develop its patterns in order to offer its customers a perfect fit.


“Our shirts are special because they are made by special people. They put their heart, soul and passion into the shirts. It's more than simply make an item of clothing.”

– Paolo Maffeis

Trademark Maffeis

The combination of attention to detail, innovation and handmade finishes are the trademarks of a Maffeis shirt. This special attention to detail results in high wearing comfort and a perfect fit. Maffeis shirts are known for their straight fit. The sleeve length is also longer than average, namely sleeve length 7. This makes Maffeis the perfect brand for the tall Dutch man.

Meet the tailor

Emanuele Maffeis

A tailored shirt is a work of art.

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