Our story

Since 1989

The story

OGÉR, a family business with a rich heritage and proudest tradition. Everything revolves around craftsmanship, quality and excellent service. Founded by father Oger Lusink, now led by his sons Martijn and Sander and has grown into the leading retailer in the luxury segment in the Benelux.

Today there are four OGÉR Stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Antwerp. OGÉR is also a member of the Fondazione Altagamma, an exclusive group of ambassadors for the preservation and dissemination of Italian heritage worldwide.

August 29, 1990

PC Hooftstraat, Amsterdam

“Oger Lusink walks cheerfully in a Neapolitan suit in Milanese blue among good friends and relations. Together with his two brothers Rob and Martin, he celebrates the official opening of his own store on PC Hooftstraat. In previous decades he has immersed himself in the world of fashion and sartoria. He climbed all the steps of the career ladder - from apprentice tailor to the position of general manager - to realize that something was missing in the Dutch fashion world; a place where the customer, craft and passion are central. There are speeches and toasts. OGÉR promises to make the Dutch man more Latin. The opening of the store feels like a big step for a promising future of the OGÉR brand.”

Our vision

In 1989, Oger Lusink laid the foundation for the current OGÉR with his strong vision. The original core values ​​- based on high-quality and personal service - still form the core of the identity. In a men's fashion market where German brands predominated at the time, Oger marketed the luxurious, sartorial Italian style. To this day, the prestigious high-end OGÉR only carries the best Italian brands.

“Top brands are not anonymous. There are people made of flesh and...
blood behind. You have to recognize yourself. My own values
must be reflected in the collection. My customers
recognize the added value. It suits their character. Yourself
they do not operate in anonymity.”

– Oger Lusink

May 21, 1991

PC Hooftstraat, Amsterdam

The pleasant scent of Italian potpourri, clinking wine glasses and pleasant conversations: Welcome to OGÉR. The doors have been open for less than a year and the atmosphere and personal service are well received. It is said that the store is more like a gentlemen's club than a fashion store. With an effective retail area of ​​120 m2, it is the busiest store on PC Hooftstraat. There are big plans on the table to expand: within five years, stores will be opened in Rotterdam and The Hague, including a department where men are given an informal look. After all, the bow cannot always be tense.

Our mission

A relationship that goes beyond clothes

Since the opening of the store on PC Hooftstraat in 1990, our stores have been the living rooms of the company. Our service starts with trust and boundless hospitality; the overriding ideology of the house. Dressing a person is an intimate process that requires trust and a personal relationship. This relationship goes beyond clothes. With lines in sports, gastronomy, automotive and more, OGÉR can be seen as an all-encompassing luxury experience. A lifestyle. With fashion as the central capital.

With lines including sports, gastronomy and automotive, OGÉR can be seen as an all-encompassing luxury experience. A lifestyle with fashion as its central capital.

OGÉR is a member of The International Menswear Group, a group of international retailers - often with family roots - whose main activity is offering men's fashion. In 2013, OGÉR became an honorary member of Fondazione Altagamma, an Italian institute that represents the interests of everything 'Italian made'. In addition to the major Italian companies such as Ferrari and Gucci, some non-Italian companies have joined. OGÉR is the only company in the Benelux that can call itself an Altagamma member.

Representative corporate clothing

OGÉR Corporate Fashion Statements

Representative corporate clothing

OGÉR Corporate Fashion Statements (OCFS) is the branch within OGÉR that supplies representative corporate clothing for both women and men to various industries. This includes facility services, catering/hospitality and retail. With an eye for detail; knowledge about and passion for fashion, OCFS is happy to help you create a...
tailor-made clothing concept.

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