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Loro Piana shoes with Italian refinement

Loro Piana shoes are made with the highest precision from the most exclusive materials, with attention to quality, comfort and Italian craftsmanship. From weatherproof and comfortable Loro Piana men's shoes for the winter months, to summer lightweight slippers and espadrilles: in our collection you will find a variety of Loro Piana shoes, for every season and every occasion. OGÉR has several iconic models from the Italian fashion house, such as the popular Week-End Walk sneakers , stylish Summer Walk loafers or the iconic Open Walk shoes .

High-quality materials and unique innovations

Loro Piana is also known for the use of innovative materials and technical fabrics. Various models in the Loro Piana shoe collection are made of a lightweight and wrinkle-free Wind Stretch® microfiber or treated with the Storm System® and are therefore suitable for different weather conditions.

Another exclusive material is Wish® wool. This rare wool comes from merino sheep from Australia and New Zealand. Are you looking for a Loro Piana men's shoe made of this unique material? Loro Piana has incorporated this material into a variety of models for a stylish, comfortable and exclusive look. In the Loro Piana shoe collection you will find loafers, ankle boots and sneakers made of this luxurious material.

The right Loro Piana shoes for every outfit

With the right Loro Piana men's shoes you can effortlessly add a touch of extra style to any outfit. Choose a beautiful pair of Loro Piana shoes with a casual outfit or complete your outfit for a formal event with the right footwear. Whichever pair of shoes catches your eye, all Loro Piana men's shoes are made from exclusive and durable materials and guarantee unparalleled wearing comfort. The Italian craftsmanship and eye for detail are visible and tangible with every step you take.

Loro Piana shoes at OGÉR

At OGÉR we have a carefully curated selection of Loro Piana shoes that are the perfect addition to any outfit. Discover the sophistication and versatility of Loro Piana and enjoy an unparalleled luxury experience.

Do you want to put together a complete outfit for a specific occasion or does your wardrobe need an expansion? As the exclusive online provider of Loro Piana, we proudly offer a variety of luxurious Loro Piana items. View the collection online or get advice in one of the OGÉR stores, where our Personal Advisors are ready to help you with all your wishes.

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