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"When I got out of school I used to go to my grandfather who was a tailor. And from there, I started to learn the trade."

Orazio Luciano

Handmade elegance from Naples

Refined classicism and a touch of technical virtuosity. These are the key words of the Orazio Luciano brand. A Neapolitan family business, founded by Orazio Luciano and his son Pino.

Inspired by Neapolitan tailoring, Orazio Luciano's models have been created on contemporary modern lines with the aim of forming garments that can be worn with unlimited ease.



Elegance, tradition and style with a Neapolitan twist

Orazio Luciano stands for elegance, breaking traditional rules and creating your own style. However, the Neapolitan style is always present. In every detail of every jacket, suit and coat.

Details such as handmade buttonholes, hanging notch height, slightly widened lapels and other style elements perfectly symbolize Orazio Luciano's philosophy

Message from Pino Luciano

“I was practically born in tailoring. When I was a child, my father had a small tailoring shop. He used to take me to the shop and when it was time for bed, I slept on the fabrics. I think it was my destiny to live in this world.”

Orazio Luciano

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