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Jacob Cohën jeans as an indispensable item for the modern man

Since its founding in 1985, Jacob Cohën has been creating iconic jeans. Each Jacob Cohën jeans is carefully designed with premium materials and an eye for detail. They are proudly made in Italy. Every item from the Jacob Cohën collection has a DNA that is completely Italian and proudly carries the stamp "Made in Italy".

At OGÉR we offer a carefully curated selection of Jacob Cohën trousers. Every jeans in our collection meets the highest standards of craftsmanship, comfort and style. Discover which features make the Jacob Cohën jeans iconic and be enchanted by the beloved jeans models of this Italian brand.

Premium materials and with an eye for detail

Add extra class to your denim collection with timeless Jacob Cohën jeans. What sets Jacob Cohën apart is the careful attention to detail and the use of the best materials. From the beautiful jewel buttons to the sartorial finishing, every aspect has been thought out and expertly executed. The search for the highest quality raw materials, including fine Japanese denim, remains the driving force behind the brand.

Unique approach to denim

The brand carefully chooses premium denim fabrics and strives for perfection at every stage of the production process. Handmade in their own factory in the heart of Italy, every Jacob Cohën jeans is a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

Every Jacob Cohën jeans is finished with unique buttons, a special logo patch and hand-stitched details. Finally, each pair of jeans is washed in the brand's signature scent. With special editions of the Jacob Cohën jeans you will even find a small bottle of perfume to preserve and recreate the scent sensation at home.

Jacob Cohen jeans: Made in Italy

All Jacob Cohën jeans are made with the utmost care and dedication in the beautiful Veneto in Italy. This idyllic part of the world is known for its artisanal traditions and craftsmanship. Here the essence of Italian fashion comes to life. Every stitch, seam and button is placed by hand with a focus on perfection. It's all about the details; a small detail can make a big difference.

All Jacob Cohën jeans proudly carry the label "Made in Italy." This label not only stands for craftsmanship, but also for the rich heritage of Italian fashion. It guarantees that you are wearing a fashion item with an eye for and attention to Italian history and tradition.

Innovation with an eye for tradition

Jacob Cohën is proud of the Italian heritage, but also has an eye for innovation. Although the artisanal process is retained, modern techniques ensure that each pair of jeans meets today's standards of comfort and durability. Adding a touch of elastane is an example of this. Elastane makes the jeans not only stylish, but also particularly comfortable to wear.

The right Jacob Cohën jeans for every outfit and occasion

In our collection you will find a range of Jacob Cohën jeans. The diversity of models, materials and styles offers something for everyone. The Jacob Cohën Nick jeans and the Jacob Cohën Bard jeans are among the most recognized and beloved models of this famous fashion brand. The Nick jeans offer a contemporary look with their slim fit and timeless design, while the Bard jeans are known for their classic style and versatility. Both models are proudly manufactured in Italy and bear the stamp of impeccable craftsmanship.

You can choose from various options in terms of color and wash. Choose classic dark blue Jacob Cohën jeans or expand your wardrobe with black, gray or cream white Jacob Cohën jeans. This way you have the right jeans for every outfit and occasion.

Jacob Cohën jeans at OGÉR

Stylish Jacob Cohën jeans are the ideal addition to your wardrobe. With the wide choice that OGÉR offers, you will always find jeans that reflect your personal style and needs. Our collection of Jacob Cohën jeans exudes luxury and Italian elegance. View the collection online or visit one of our physical OGÉR stores, where we will be happy to greet you. Our Personal Advisors are experts in the field of Italian (men's) fashion and are ready to provide you with personal advice.

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