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History of Herno trench coats

Since its founding in 1948, Herno has focused on creating high-quality outerwear and today the Italian brand is synonymous with stylish protection against the elements.

The Herno trench coat is part of the extensive collection of this brand and is known as one of the most iconic items. The timeless design of the Herno trench coat has evolved over the years, but the attention to detail and artisanal craftsmanship has always been retained.

Discover the Herno trench coat collection

At OGÉR we offer an extensive collection of Herno trench coats that meet the highest standards of quality and style. Our selection includes different styles, from classic trench coats to jackets from the iconic Herno Laminar collection. Whether you are looking for a timeless look for everyday use or have a specific coat in mind for stormy weather conditions, you will always find a trench coat that perfectly suits your needs.

Buy Herno trench coat at OGÉR

Experience the highest level of Italian craftsmanship and enrich your wardrobe with an iconic Herno trench coat. At OGÉR we have carefully put together a beautiful collection. Discover this collection and invest in timeless style and unparalleled quality with a Herno trench coat for men.

You can experience the Herno trench coat collection in different ways. View the collection online or visit one of our physical OGÉR stores. At OGÉR we believe in a comprehensive luxury experience that goes beyond clothing. We look forward to greeting you and our Personal Advisors will help you create a look that is perfectly tailored to the style you have in mind.

Herno Trench coat

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