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Founded in 1962, Fray is best known for its luxury shirts, but the brand has much more to offer. The Fray polo shirts are an excellent example of this. These polos are made with the same care, precision and quality as the shirts of the Italian brand. Every Fray polo shirt can be recognized by the refined style and unparalleled quality of this Italian brand.

Iconic elements for a unique look

A Fray polo contains some iconic elements and is therefore a valuable addition to the wardrobe of the refined, stylish man. Both the collar and shoulders of the polo shirts are designed in the style of the Fray shirts . The fit and some details, on the other hand, are more similar to a traditional polo shirt. Consider, for example, the handmade row of buttons. This unique combination of recognizable and unique elements creates an elegant, unique appearance.

The elegant and unique appearance is also due to the chosen materials. Fray only uses high-quality fabrics. From luxurious cottons such as Egyptian cotton and Sea Island cotton to linen, cashmere or silk. In addition to this range of luxurious fabrics, Fray also produces polos with a blend of the finest fabrics. In this way the best properties of different materials are combined.

The versatility of a Fray polo

A Fray polo is designed to be both stylish and subtle, suitable for a variety of occasions. Whichever polo shirt catches your eye, each item provides a refined look. The luxurious item fits effortlessly for both casual occasions and more dressy settings. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for the fashion-conscious, sophisticated man.

Fray's attention to detail is unmistakable and you will recognize this in the handmade details such as the buttonholes and beautiful buttons. Thanks to this craftsmanship and pursuit of perfection, a Fray polo is an investment that you will enjoy for many years.

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