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High-quality materials and refined details

In the Brunello Cucinelli knitwear collection, high-quality materials provide soft cardigans and comfortable sweaters with a unique and luxurious look. Think of materials such as cashmere, wool, silk and cotton.

Cashmere is the beating heart of Brunello Cucinelli knitwear

Cashmere is one of the most prominent materials of Brunello Cucinelli knitwear. It is the basis of many iconic items manufactured by the Italian fashion house in the past and the fabric is still central to the Brunello Cucinelli knitwear collection at OGÉR.

From warm cashmere cable sweaters to turtlenecks and cardigans; each cashmere item is made with the characteristic softness and quality of this material. The result is that every cashmere item from the knitwear collection exudes an unmistakable feeling of luxury and exclusivity.

A range of premium materials

In addition to cashmere, the Brunello Cucinelli knitwear collection also embraces other high-quality, luxurious materials. Consider fine wool types, such as merino wool, mohair and alpaca. The use of silk adds an extra element of sophistication. Cotton is an option for lighter knitwear items. Thanks to its comfort and breathability, it is a suitable material for the spring or summer collection.

Brunello Cucinelli is known for the use of mixed materials in the knitwear collection. By combining the high-quality materials, the positive properties of each material are optimally utilized. For example, think of the softness of cashmere with the strength of wool. Silk can also be easily combined with other materials and provides a knitwear item with a unique texture and shine.

Timeless Brunello Cucinelli knitwear: from classic to modern designs

Brunello Cucinelli is known for timeless and subtle designs, often with a modern twist. The knitwear collection of this Italian fashion house follows this line with classic silhouettes and neutral colors. We also see well-thought-out details such as contrasting textures, refined stitching and delicate embroidery.

From classic V-neck sweaters to stylish cardigans, the collection offers versatility and elegance for every occasion. A purchase of Brunello Cucinelli knitwear is an investment in Italian craftsmanship and class. Thanks to the timeless designs and sustainable materials, each item will last season after season, both in style and quality.

Knitwear with an eye for sustainability and ethics

Celebrated for his humanistic approach to fashion, Brunello Cucinelli combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern style. The Italian fashion brand places a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical entrepreneurship. These values ​​are also reflected in the knitwear collection, with a production process that is respectful of both the artisans and the environment. This results in items that are luxurious and ethical at the same time.

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Experience the timeless beauty of Brunello Cucinelli knitwear. Explore our carefully curated collection of luxurious cashmere, wool and silk items and find suitable knitwear for every occasion.

Visit our online boutique or visit one of our OGÉR stores to experience the collection with your own eyes. Our Personal Advisors are happy to welcome you to our physical stores and do their utmost to find an outfit that seamlessly matches your wishes and personal style. Be enchanted by a beautiful item from the Brunello Cucinelli knitwear collection at OGÉR and upgrade your wardrobe.

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