OGER supplies new sustainable tailor-made suits for the 2019/2020 season to Feyenoord

Rotterdam, July 29, 2019 - On Friday, July 26, we officially delivered the brand new tailor-made suits to players, staff and management of Feyenoord in De Kuip. It is the twelfth year that we are giving the Rotterdam club a new look. A special collaboration under the microscope.

While last season the emphasis was on casual chic, this year the suits are 'fashion and design'. Managing Director of OCFS Patrick Lusink: “The new season is starting. After years of a somewhat informal and sporty club uniform, it was time for a super sleek, more serious style.

Long collaboration with Feyenoord

Patrick Lusink about the collaboration between Feyenoord and us: “We are proud of the close bond we have with Feyenoord. This goes beyond purely business. We love Rotterdam and support Feyenoord and its city. Feyenoord players and staff are at home in our store in Rotterdam.” Brand Director Sander Lusink: “Former coaches Ronald Koeman and Giovanni van Bronckhorst are now good friends. We are looking forward to working with the new trainer Jaap Stam." Feyenoord is named the best-dressed team off the field almost every year by Esquire, which is partly decisive for them to continue with OCFS.

The French style

"The OGER management is very closely involved in every new Feyenoord creation. Martijn Lusink still personally makes the design," says Patrick Lusink. "The entire clothing package is then personally measured by our tailoring specialists and tailor-made for each player. For the 2019/2020 season we were inspired by the young Parisian designer style with narrow lapels, tie and a small collar, also called "The French style". The tailor-made suit is dark gray and made of a stretch material, which makes it extra comfortable. Gray is the trend color for autumn and completes the young design. "The tailor-made suit is combined with a bright white cotton shirt. The design of the tie is derived from the Feyenoord match shirt. This means that there is a reflection straight through the center of the tie, only in two shades of gray. The Feyenoord logo is subtly woven on the tie in light gray."

Social responsibility: sustainable production

Just like last year, we have committed ourselves to the Feyenoord Foundation, which does everything it can to get the youth of Rotterdam moving. Sander Lusink: “The winners of last season's Feyenoord Street League were invited to be present at the delivery of the tailor-made suits. Each child received a signed ball and there was an opportunity to briefly meet the players.” In the field of clothing production we want to fulfill our social responsibility; we are one of the most sustainable specialists in corporate clothing in the market. Operations Manager Robert Spijkers Suwarni: “We are aware that we only have one Earth that we must treat responsibly. That is why we look critically at our suppliers. More and more producers are working with ecologically responsible raw materials. In addition, we try to keep the line between production and final destination short, so that we do not have to transport a lot unnecessarily from far away.”

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