During the lovely spring days and with summer just around the corner, women have it nice and easy. They take out the sandals and slippers and can head out the door, but we men don't have it that easy. Many suffer from the same frustration; how do I stay cool, but stylish? The answer; the 'sockless look'! Not only is this trend fashionable, it gives your feet the necessary refreshment.

In the summer you can do two things: don't wear socks or, as we recommend, wear socks. These are not the normal socks you are used to, but invisible socks with the comfort of normal socks. You will find these within our range invisible socks which are made from Egyptian cotton. This cotton is distinctive because of its long fibers and great purity. It is the best cotton in the world. Egyptian cotton feels soft, is very strong, cool, breathable and moisture absorbent. The anti-slip heel also ensures that the socks stay in place all day long.

You can give any outfit a summery touch by showing your ankles. There are several options for wearing the 'sockless look'. The most classic is a lovely summer day on the boat wearing your favorite loafers. Whether you go for a casual, carefree, refined or daring look, almost nothing is wrong. From Oxfords to Santoni sneakers, everything is possible. It is important that it suits the occasion and even more importantly; with you.

Over the years, sneakers have become more than just 'streetwear' and don't just belong in the gym. Nowadays, sneakers can easily be worn without socks. All you have to do is choose the right type of sneaker for your outfit. Low sneakers are usually the best option. You get the most out of the trend and show off your ankles in the meantime. A white sneaker is currently the epitome of sleek, but simple. The practical color for your 'sockless', smart casual looks.

Loafers are the easiest to wear for this look and the safest option for those of us who have not (yet) worn this look before. They are versatile shoes that can be worn with both casual and semi-formal outfits. If you're going for a sleek, semi-formal style without socks, opt for the classic penny loafers. For a more casual look, a tassel loafer in leather or suede is suitable. Common summer shoes are loafers. Whether you are going out for a day on the boat or eating a delicious Sunday afternoon lunch, slip-ons are a good choice. Make the most of your shoes by combining it with cropped chinos, open collar shirts or polos. Wear a blazer for more formal occasions.

Espadrilles are effortless to wear for the 'sockless look'. Due to its casual appearance, it is the best choice for a relaxed and informal occasion. They are the shoes for the nicest summer outfits and a modern alternative to classic loafers. Combine it with smart-casual and semi-formal styles for a unique and trendy look.

Without socks, double buckle shoes can look daring. These formal shoes require a plain outfit. Your visible ankles add a relaxed twist to your outfit. Keep the rest semi-formal and streamlined or you'll quickly end up looking uncomfortable and unkempt. In the warm months, choose light, linen suits.

Brogues are not the most obvious choice, but can be a great stylish choice. The lace-up shoes are a bit more formal. Wearing these without visible socks makes the look casual. It is the perfect footwear for smart casual attire. Brogues are statement shoes because of the many finishes. Wearing this without socks creates a striking look. Wear the shoes with neutral colors and designs for a sleek and stylish outfit. For the eccentric men among us, designs and bold colors are also an option.

Smart Casual Attire

Casual events and occasions with a chic edge are the perfect moments to wear your sockless look. Find the right balance between polished and relaxed. Loafers, double buckle shoes, sneakers and slip-ons are ideal for smart casual events such as brunch or doping.

Semi-Formal Attire

Although the sockless shoe cannot be worn for formal occasions, it is a great choice for semi-formal moments. Most importantly, the rest of your outfit, including the shoes, should be sharp and polished. Oxfords, brogues and loafers complete the look. Avoid sneakers and loafers. Keep it fresh with one of ours summer suits . It is the ideal look for weddings in warm climates.

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