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Woolrich summer jackets for the warm seasons

Woolrich summer jackets are designed with comfort and style in mind, while also offering the quality and durability the brand is known for. The Woolrich summer jackets are made of lighter and more breathable materials, such as cotton, linen and technical fabrics. This makes them more suitable for warmer conditions.

Unmistakable eye for detail

The designs of the Woolrich summer jackets for men are generally more streamlined and less insulated than their winter counterparts. But just like the Woolrich winter coats, every summer coat is also made with an unmistakable eye for detail.

The jackets often feature ventilation openings, a lightweight construction and sometimes even water-repellent properties. These functional properties make them versatile and suitable for different summer conditions. Whether it concerns extra warmth during a walk on a cool summer day or protection against an unexpected rain shower.

A Woolrich summer coat for every occasion

Our range includes Woolrich summer jackets in various models, such as bomber jackets, windbreakers, trench coats and more casual jackets. Each of these items is crafted with the signature attention to detail and craftsmanship that Woolrich is synonymous with.

Whether you're looking for a sophisticated bomber jacket, a lightweight parka or other summery styles, Woolrich offers a versatile selection that strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality. The items are suitable for various occasions and different summer activities. This versatility makes the Woolrich summer jacket a must-have for men who appreciate comfort and style, even in warmer temperatures. Discover the timeless elegance and refined functionality of Woolrich summer jackets for men at OGÉR, specially selected to protect you in a fashionable way during all your summer adventures.

Buy Woolrich men's summer jacket at OGÉR

Woolrich's summer collection focuses on light and breathable fabrics and functional properties that suit warmer summer days. Each Woolrich men's summer jacket is durable and suitable for different occasions, from casual to formal. Whether you add a Woolrich winter jacket or a summer model to your wardrobe, every item from this outdoor brand is made with an eye for quality and craftsmanship. Discover the versatility and timeless elegance of Woolrich summer jackets, and find the perfect garment for warm summer days and cooler evenings.

At OGÉR we offer a carefully selected collection of Woolrich summer jackets. View our collection online or be enchanted by the items in one of our OGÉR stores. Are you visiting our stores? Our Personal Advisors will be happy to greet you and work with you to find the best items for your style and wardrobe.

Woolrich Summer jacket

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