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History of the Woolrich parka

The American brand Woolrich has a rich history, dating back to 1830. Woolrich was founded in Pennsylvania by John Rich and grew in the following decades into a real outdoor brand where functionality and sustainability were central. The very first Woolrich parka, the Woolrich Arctic Parka, was developed in 1972 to protect thousands of pipeline workers in Northern Alaska in the cold climate.

Characteristic of the Woolrich parkas was the use of insulating materials, such as duck down and a sturdy outer layer to withstand the elements. Although the functional design of the jacket has largely been retained over the years, the Woolrich Arctic Parka has been constantly improved. Think of the use of advanced technical fabrics and the addition of details such as the detachable fur collar. Just like decades ago, the Woolrich parka is still synonymous with sustainability and quality that will last for years.

Protection from the elements with a Woolrich parka

Each Woolrich men's parka is designed with high-quality materials, such as a mix of cotton, nylon and down. The use of these materials results in an insulating and protective jacket against the harshest weather conditions. The details are well thought out: functional pockets, a spacious hood with fur collar, adjustable waistbands and cuffs ensure that every practical need is met. The length of the parka also provides excellent coverage and extra warmth for the lower body.

The timeless style makes the Woolrich parka versatile as a winter coat. The parka was specifically developed for outdoor activities, but works well in the city as well as in nature. It is the favorite choice for men who seek style, warmth and functionality in their winter wardrobe.

Collection of Woolrich men's parkas at OGÉR

At OGÉR we offer an extensive collection of Woolrich men's parkas that meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Think of the iconic Woolrich Arctic parka, made of stretch nylon and resistant to extreme weather conditions. The premium duck down filling and innovative graphene fibers guarantee unparalleled comfort and a soft texture. The spacious hood and ribbed cuffs also provide extra protection and warmth.

Another showpiece in our collection is the Woolrich parka made of wool and silk. This model combines a characteristic silhouette with a mix of luxurious materials. The result is a waterproof and windproof jacket with an adjustable hood with a drawstring.

Buy Woolrich parka at OGÉR

Choose the unsurpassed timeless luxury of a Woolrich parka. At OGÉR you will discover a beautiful collection of Woolrich items, carefully curated to meet the highest demands in terms of quality, style and functionality.

View our extensive collection online or be inspired in one of our physical OGÉR stores. Our Personal Advisors are happy to welcome you and are ready to enrich your winter wardrobe with an iconic Woolrich parka.

Woolrich Parka

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