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Innova by Santoni: suitable for every season

With the Innova sneaker, Santoni shows that style and sportiness can be seamlessly combined. The Santoni Innova sneaker is made of high-quality materials and finished with attention to detail. The sneaker is an essential part of the wardrobe of the modern man with an eye for Italian class.

Be enchanted by our carefully curated collection of Santoni shoes. In our collection you will find Santoni Innova sneakers in different designs. The design is simple, stylish and timeless. The low sneakers have a wide, low heel for maximum wearing comfort without sacrificing the luxurious look. Perfect in combination with a casual outfit or a more formal fit.

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Let yourself be transported into the exclusive world of Santoni at OGÉR. Discover our carefully curated collection of refined Santoni sneakers and accessories, all imbued with the signature class and perfection the brand is known for. View our unique Santoni collection online or experience the beautiful items with your own eyes in one of the OGÉR stores. Our Personal Advisors are happy to welcome you and are ready to provide you with appropriate style advice.

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