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High quality and exclusive elegance

The Jacob Cohën Nick jeans reflect the essence of Italian design and craftsmanship. Every Nick jeans is made of high-quality materials, with special attention to details that make the difference.

Iconic features of the Jacob Cohën Nick jeans

At Jacob Cohën, the use of premium denim is a tradition and the Nick jeans are no exception. Japanese Kurabo denim was used for these exclusive jeans, a denim specially imported from Japan. Thanks to the stretch in this material, the Nick jeans are extremely comfortable.

The Jacob Cohën Nick jeans have an elegant fit that is slimming and particularly flattering. This jeans model can also be recognized by a lower waist, which suits today's style. Each pair of jeans is designed with care and finished with an eye for detail. The custom-made metal accessories and manually applied stitching add exclusivity to the look of the jeans.

Difference Nick and Nick Slim jeans

For those looking for an even slimmer fit, Jacob Cohën offers the Nick Slim jeans (formerly the Jacob Cohën J622 Slim). The Jacob Cohën Nick Slim has the same tight fit as the regular Nick jeans, but is slimmer from the knee. The Nick Slim jeans are an excellent choice for the modern man who strives for jeans with a slim fit, low waist and high quality. Whether you choose the Jacob Cohën Nick Slim jeans or the Nick jeans, you are assured of a timeless item with a perfect fit and attention to detail.

From Jacob Cohen J622 Comfort to Nick

Would you like to add the Jacob Cohën J622 Comfort jeans to your wardrobe? In the past, the Jacob Cohën Nick was known as the Jacob Cohën 622 or the Jacob Cohën J622 (Comfort). The different Jacob Cohën jeans are no longer identified by a series of numbers, but each jeans has been given a name. For example, the Jacob Cohën J622 jeans were renamed the Jacob Cohën Nick. Although the name has been updated, the design and iconic quality have remained unchanged.

The new name is a tribute to the stylish men who choose Jacob Cohën as their favorite jeans brand. The Nick jeans retain the essence of the Jacob Cohën J622 Comfort jeans and still embodies the Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail that the brand is known for. Discover the Jacob Cohën Nick jeans in the collection at OGÉR and experience the perfect fusion of tradition and contemporary fashion.

Jacob Cohën Nick jeans for every moment

Whatever you are looking for, the Jacob Cohën Nick jeans suit every occasion. Its versatile style makes it possible to wear these jeans as part of a relaxed or elegant outfit. It is the ideal companion for the modern man who sets high standards for both style and comfort.

Moreover, the Jacob Cohën Nick jeans offer a unique combination of durability and style. Thanks to the high-quality materials and craftsmanship, the Nick jeans are a wise investment for your wardrobe. The timeless appearance means that the Nick jeans can be worn with pleasure throughout the seasons, without going out of fashion. Choose the ultimate combination of quality and style with the Jacob Cohën Nick jeans, available at OGÉR.

Jacob Cohën Nick Jeans at OGÉ R

At OGÉR we bring you the best of Italian men's fashion, for casual or formal outfits and everything in between. The Jacob Cohën Nick jeans (formerly the J622 Comfort) are a valuable addition to the wardrobe of the modern man. In addition to this jeans model, you will find even more stylish and high-quality Jacob Cohën items in our collection. View our collection online or visit one of our physical OGÉR stores to enjoy the luxury and refinement that Jacob Cohën has to offer.

Jacob Cohen Nick Jeans

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