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The art of details in every Cesare Attolini jacket

Each Cesare Attolini jacket reflects a heritage of craftsmanship, passed down through generations. The secret of their uniqueness lies in the handcrafted details developed by Vincenzo Attolini. He revolutionized tailoring with the first unstructured Neapolitan jacket. His son Cesare further perfected this art of the Neapolitan style. Each jacket from this leading fashion brand is crafted in Italy, made from premium materials and promises a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort. The deep-rooted attention to detail transforms each Attolini jacket into an icon of Italian craft and style.

Discover our exclusive collection of Cesare Attolini jackets

At OGÉR we offer a carefully selected collection of Cesare Attolini jackets. Each jacket or blader tells the story of Attolini's commitment to exceptional quality, using the highest class fabrics from Scotland, England, Ireland and Italy. Each design has been created especially for the fashion house and keeps the signature Attolini style fresh and contemporary.

The perfect Cesare Attolini jacket for every outfit

Whether it is a formal occasion or a casual meeting, a Cesare Attolini blazer or jacket is always the perfect choice. Characteristic of each jacket is the 'barchetta' chest pocket, a stylish detail that has its origins in an innovation by Vincenzo Attolini from 1930. Discover our exclusive collection and discover a Cesare Attolini jacket that complements not only your outfit, but also your personality.

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At OGÉR we embrace a comprehensive luxury experience that transcends the boundaries of fashion. Cesare Attolini is one of the leading Italian fashion brands that we proudly offer online and in our physical OGÉR stores. Our collection contains timeless, high-quality Cesare Attolini items that are a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

View our exclusive Cesare Attolini collection online or be enchanted in one of our OGÉR stores and experience the quality of these beautiful Attolini jackets with your own eyes. Our Personal Advisors are ready to guide you and provide you with appropriate style advice. Experience the refinement of authentic Italian craftsmanship with the jackets and other items from Cesare Attolini at OGÉR. We look forward to greeting you.

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