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With a history of over 180 years, Woolrich still manages to hold on to its character and core values. In the early nineteenth century, John Rich emigrated to America from England at the age of 25. There he started working in Pennsylvania. Coming from an English family of wool experts, John Rich, together with Daniel McCormick, started his own wool mill in 1830 in the state of Pennsylvania. Rich's association with McCormick ended in 1843 and two years later the company located in the town of Woolrich. At the time, wool was the only material that was suitable and comfortable and also offered enough resistance for the production of work clothing for the wives of hunters and lumberjacks. During the American Civil War, Woolrich also produced for soldiers. Not only the political conditions, but also the winters were difficult. To support the cold days, John Rich produced wool blankets. Also known as the 'Civil War Blankets'. The extreme weather conditions in the west of the country and Alaska were mitigated in this way. In 1852 the company was renamed John Rich and Son after Rich's son took office. 50 years after its founding, Woolrich was indispensable to the American people.

After being taken over by John Rich's grandchildren, the company was renamed 'John Rich & Bros'. Around the 20th century, Woolrich's range was expanded from workers' clothing to functional and casual outdoor clothing, focused on all seasons and seasons. Woolrich was able to expand its range again through the development of synthetic materials and by responding to the needs of a larger group of consumers. Down products as we know them today were added to the range in the mid-1970s. The red and black checked wool pattern on jackets, flannel shirts and trapper hats are still a Woolrich trademark after almost 200 years. Hip-hop legend The Notorious BIG of course referred to it in his Juicy: 'The red and black Lumberjack, with the hat to match.'

Woolrich's international expansion took place first in Canada, Italy and Japan. The Italian clothing manufacturer WP Lavori in Corso also expanded Woolrich to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, followed by the rest of Europe. Woolrich developed into one of the coolest and most popular clothing brands. Comfort, durability, durability, warmth and simplicity were (and are) an important guideline. Due to increasing competition in the 1990s, Woolrich began to make itself visible in the form of labels and logos on clothing.

Today the factory is used for storage and has been on the U.S. Register of Historic Places since 1985. After more than 180 years, the company has still managed to have a wide reach all over the world. It shows the constant dedication to quality, careful attention to market developments, attention to detail and craftsmanship within Woolrich.

It is not without reason that it is “The Original Outdoor Clothing Company”.

The creation of an icon, the 'Woolrich flannel'

In 2017, Woolrich's flannel shirt, along with other 110 iconic designs from the past century, was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. A huge honor and demonstration of craftsmanship for Woolrich.

It was the very first garment that Woolrich produced and sold in 1850, the 'Wool Buffalo Check Shirt'. Let's first clarify what a flannel shirt really is, since there are many misunderstandings about it. Flannel is a type of textile made from loosely spun yarn that is woven in a linen or copper weave. The fabrics are roughened, which gives it its softness and warmth. The flannel shirt can differ in pattern (checks & stripes) and fabric (wool & cotton).

Since 1846, the red and black wool buffalo pattern has been extremely popular and indispensable for workers in the vicinity of the Woolrich mill in Pennsylvania, which was slowly growing at that time.

The Arctic Parka

“A lasting tribute to craftsmanship that has been Woolrich's pride for more than 150 years”

Collective name for the layered animal skins and types of fur, created out of necessity for the people of Alaska, first used in the English language in the 17th century, the Arctic Parka was born. Due to the temperatures on the icy islands, clothing that could withstand this was necessary. The harsh cold, snow and (sea) wind were merciless. Over the years, the down-filled jacket and water-repellent top layer increasingly became a jacket for everyone. All these elements made the jacket extra resistant and warm.

From 1972 onwards, thousands of Alaskan pipeline builders were protected from temperatures as low as -30 Celsius thanks to the Arctic Parka.

The Arctic Parka quickly became a best seller and symbol of Woolrich. Now, after 45 years, the Arctic Parka has better protection than ever, due to improved fabrics and techniques. In addition, Woolrich has broadened the range by adding different styles, each adapted to different weather and conditions, always wearable, without losing its own classic design. The Arctic Parka goes beyond trends or hypes. It is a timeless icon of the Woolrich brand. All this makes the Arctic Parka a must have for everyone.

180th anniversary

One of the biggest moments for Woolrich: its 180th anniversary. Celebrated exclusively with a collaboration with renowned photographer Douglas Kirkland. The iconic Arctic Parka was represented by American celebrities such as Producer Lawrence Bender, G. Mac Brown, Brendan Fraser, Dominic Garcia Lorido, Erika Lemay and Marvel Studios co-chairman Louis D'Esposito. Douglas Kirkland is a coveted photographer who has worked on hundreds of Hollywood films, including Titanic and Moulin Rouge, featuring iconic artists such as Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson and Antonio Banderas. His work has been exhibited several times in recent years.

For this anniversary, portraits were taken in color with a digital camera and black and white vintage photos to look back at the origins. The portraits were a beautiful testament to Woolrich's timeless creations. Invited guests received an exclusive showing of the collection.

Only 180 pieces of each item were sold worldwide, which only made it more exclusive. After the launch, the collection sold out in no time. Woolrich is not from the past, but from now and the future.

“An eye for detail, the lines and fits, durability and protection make this brand a successful symbol”
To be the world's most iconic player in sustainable jackets, and has been for more than 180 years. It is an achievement that many companies can learn from. Through constant dedication, with an eye to the wishes and needs of consumers, Woolrich has demonstrated its craftsmanship. Original pieces that have never been lost and return with each new collection, prove the timeless designs every time.

Woolrich coats are very popular, especially in the winter months. The Woolrich jackets are of course available in different models and colors. Woolrich has something for everyone. There are also a number of beautiful shorter jackets, which can be beautifully combined with jeans or chinos. The parkas are all excellent winter coats that are guaranteed to keep you warm. With so much attention and passion, Woolrich is the brand for everyone, for the people of today and the future.

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