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Oger and YVRA have a long history that goes back to the early 1990s. The Netherlands was not yet a completely unexplored area in the field of Italian clothing, but a Corneliani suit for around 1000 guilders was almost the highest that could be achieved. Oger was one of the few pioneers in the Netherlands who managed to put refined Italian customization on the map here. With great passion for detail, customers' eyes were opened to the great private pleasures that lie in a tailor-made suit.

The store, which opened in 1990, would slowly but surely expand over the decades with the highest levels of suits available. Interested people in the field of sublime textiles have now become quite spoiled with major suit brands such as Attolini, Brioni and Isaia. Over the past 3 decades, YVRA and Oger have met regularly. As a business magazine, for which I wrote from the start, Quote was the ideal medium to explain in detail how customization came about in Naples. Once, a 1-day flight was made by private jet to visit a workshop with a group of extremely good customers where everyone worked diligently to get a tailor-made suit sewn. And of course we learned that the pizza tastes best at the foot of Mount Vesuvius because the ovens there are heated with apricot tree branches and many people immediately stocked up on a kilo of buffalo mozzarella for the journey back.

Once, a trip was even made by private jet to visit a studio with customers. Everyone was fitted with a beautiful tailor-made suit, entirely in line with Italian values.

Like me, Oger himself and his sons like to set their sights on Italy. The store now offers an unprecedented range of suits, shirts, shoes and not just formal ones. The casual offering with numerous Italian brands is also impressive. Every year the store is filled with collections purchased with our own taste.

Scent has also always been an essential part of the relationship with Oger. I share my preference for fresh scents with father Oger, but we also fell in love with the deliciously smelling potpourri from the Profumeria Santa Maria Novella during the Pitti Men's Fair in Florence in 1990. The bags that are still available in Oger branches. Oger once developed his own fragrance together with the former publisher of Man and Esquire Jan Weduwer, the cap of which was cast in the shape of a crown. I couldn't have imagined that 20 years later I would end up at Oger with my own fragrances. It was an honor to make my entrance with my fragrances and what a triumph that my creations conquered a place in Amsterdam's PC Hooftstraat soon after the launch.

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