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In addition to regular casual, you regularly see casual chic on invitations. The addition 'chic' already reveals what is different compared to the regular dress codes regarding casual clothing. It is in fact a combination of smart casual and casual. You can dress a little more chic, without actually becoming overly chic. A delicate balance, you understand. You often find this dress code at dinners, parties with friends and family or at the office.

It is not entirely clear where casual chic comes from and most likely has its origins in parties where, in addition to an informal atmosphere, a 'touch of glamour' was required.

Today, little has changed. Even today you wear a comfortable yet chic outfit.

Regulations gentlemen

The gentlemen can indulge themselves with this dress code. You can display your linen suit or – if it is cold enough – your Harris Tweed jacket with due pride. You can wear these with dark jeans, just like the ladies. Only a shirt is a bit too scanty for this dress code. So always make sure you wear a jacket. It is up to you to assess whether a tie is necessary.

Of course you wear your watch. Leave your sporty version at home and preferably wear one of your most beautiful editions. It deserves to be seen and your most beautiful watch probably deserves it too.

The wonderful pocket square is certainly one of the options you have to give your outfit extra cachet. In terms of color, it naturally matches your outfit, but does not necessarily have to be tonal. A different, almost dandy-like, variant is also possible. Men can and should also vary their accessories. The whole should have a neat yet relaxed appearance, not to mention: relaxed. This way you can wear suspenders in contrasting colors, a striking sock or simply tie an exciting knot in your tie.

You wear your beloved brogues, loafers or monks. It's up to you, as long as they are semi-formal to formal shoes. In line with the rest of your outfit and fitting for you. Of course, these shoes can also be combined with a pair of luxurious jeans. After all, it has to remain casual. Try to give it a personal twist and make sure you are comfortable.

Regulations ladies

The Casual Chic dress code actually requires that you appear neat, but not necessarily in full regalia. You will be dressed in a beautiful, deliberately selected outfit. Think of a casual linen jacket with a matching skirt. A safe guideline is to think from a chic perspective and add more leisure fabrics such as linen and cotton. Dark jeans are also great, combined with another beautifully cut jacket.

The big asset in this dress code is the use of jewelry. Chic, striking jewelry underlines the chic part of Casual Chic. You can think of a characteristic necklace, pearls and/or earrings. Don't be too reserved when using this, jewelry is the ideal 'tools' to give a casual outfit a chic touch.

You can add personal variations and be playful with belts, scarves and a matching bag.

To colour
As far as the colors are concerned, these are also in a gray area. It is preferable to let more subdued colors do the most talking and complete the whole with striking accent colours. Think seasonal colors with some bright shades to keep it casual. Casual clothing is very sensitive to trends and that is why it is important to use color in a stylish and fashion-conscious way at Casual Chic.

Both pumps and boots match well with a casual chic outfit. These may or may not be made of patent leather. Provided they are made in black. Do you want to play it safe? Then it is advisable to go for leather or velvet. Avoid footwear that is too sporty.

The reason to always dress subtly according to a dress code is that the clothing is mainly intended as a gesture towards your host/hostess. It is a good principle of elegance and class not to stand out more than your host/hostess. If you do not find a dress code on the invitation or are unsure about the nature of the event, please consult your host/hostess to avoid any surprises. You can of course visit Oger or Oger Donna and ask one of our advisors for advice.

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