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Black Tie also known as "dinner suit" in the UK, "tuxedo" in the US and "le tuxedo" in France, no outfit has the ability to transform a person's appearance and confidence like the tuxedo does. do. Make a tuxedo fit in with a Black Tie dress code.

The first rule of a Black Tie event is: Dress up! If the invitation says "Black Tie optional", this is not meant. It is exactly what the host likes to see, but this is an attempt to remain modest.

“In regular clothes, I'm a nobody,” said Frank Sinatra. “In a tuxedo, I'm a star.”

The second rule: never rent a tuxedo. This often ends up as a failed saving. If you decide to buy a tuxedo, it will last a decade or even longer. This of course depends on the number of Black Tie events you visit in a year. In addition, it is important to realize that a tuxedo is often worn for a special occasion where you are expected to wear a tuxedo. Events where photos are often taken and you have to look your best. That's why the last thing you want is an ill-fitting suit that also gives off the dizzying aromas of previous tenants when the dancing starts. Now the real work for your Black Tie event begins.  

Blacktie atmosphere

Foundation for Black Tie

Let's start with the fundamentals of the traditional tuxedo. A tuxedo is almost never out-of-fashion, which is why we currently offer a wide selection of tuxedos on the site. If you've always wanted to buy a tuxedo with one-style-fits-all features that will last for years, this is the timeless classic that will do the job for decades to come. It suits almost any event, from Black Tie wedding to gala dinner.

We warn you in advance: don't make the mistake of arriving in a 'normal' black suit. A Black Tie event is the perfect opportunity to wear a jacket with a peak or shawl lapel. A choice between these two types of lapels is a matter of your personal preference on the one hand and your body proportions on the other. A slim person looks even better in a slim lapel, while a wider person is recommended a wider lapel. The combination of your wishes and our knowledge creates a beautiful Black Tie outfit.

dress code Black tie example outfit

If we look further at the jacket, we see at least one button and at most two buttons. The top button closes when standing and opens when sitting. Although the trousers appear to be standard trousers, a number of features can be identified here. For example, it has no belt loops since the trousers are never worn with a belt. This means that we like to see perfectly fitting trousers. The pants end on the shoe. Make sure that the silk socks are black and cover the skin in both a standing and sitting position. After all, Black Tie is a festive but formal occasion.

In our eyes, conviviality knows no time. According to the etiquette that suits Black Tie, no watch is usually worn. If you just want to wear a watch, wear an elegant, slim-line dress watch, ideally on a black leather strap. A watch that fits slim on the wrist and does not cause a misconnection with the cufflinks that are worn. You want to see about two inches of your shirt cuff peeking out from under the jacket. The details are important with the Black Tie dress code.

It sounds quite elitist, but we warn you: if you choose a black tuxedo, you may be a match for the wait staff. This may have traditionally been the case, especially in Europe. Of course that's no problem: we have a beautiful navy and burgundy tuxedo jacket. If you just want to go for black: you can always give your tuxedo an individual touch so that you stand out. Ultimately, it is an occasion where you should feel good. Black Tie, here I come!

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