Trends come and go, but one thing is certain: sooner or later they will return. Keep your old clothes long enough and we can guarantee that you will be able to take them out of your closet again decades later. Perhaps with some adjustments here and there, because no one is happy with those 80s shoulder pads.

We have selected one trend per decade that is worth repeating this year. From the innovative 50s to the rocking 90s.

1950s - Penny loafer

Do you know where the name penny loafer comes from? In the 1950s, students slid a coin (penny) into the slot as a decoration. This way they always had money 'in their pocket' to call home. In the years that followed, the slip-on shoe never completely disappeared. Hence it cannot really be called a trend, rather it is indispensable. Easily combine the shoe with your suit or trousers, or go for casual chic with jeans.

1950s penny loafer trend

1960s - Rollneck sweater

The rollneck sweater has never really gone away. Yet the sweater was never worn again as it was in the 1960s. For example, The Beatles regularly exchanged their suits for a comfortable turtleneck sweater. Even today you cannot ignore this garment. It is often the more artistic types who have their eye on this type of sweater. It creates a casual, elegant look, especially if you combine it with a jacket.

60s turtleneck trendFashion trend turtleneck 2018

1970s - Denim

Denim had already found its origins before the 20th century century had begun. But in no other decades has the substance been as strong as in the 1980s. Denim was no longer only visible in traditional jeans, but also appeared in jackets and various accessories. You could say that we've developed a love-hate relationship with wearing denim-on-denim in recent years. With the right attitude and color combination it is certainly possible, but keep it modest.

Fashion trend denim from the 70sFashion trend denim 2018

80s - Double Breasted

Remove the huge shoulder pads and Brad Pitt would look like this Allied can walk. Of course we are not talking about his barely aged face, but about his clothing style. The double breasted suit in camel color would again be a good choice today for the next event, such as a wedding or work party. We recommend that you leave out the brown tie and pocket square. Rather, choose a fresh color that brightens the whole thing up a bit.

Fashion trend double breasted suitFashion trend double breasted jacket 2018

90s - Checked jackets

In the '90s they weren't afraid of a little color. While in recent years it has mainly revolved around navy and gray jackets, we are finally seeing this change today. Experiments are being conducted with different colors and weaves. The most important thing here is a good dose of self-confidence, then you can get away with almost anything.
Is color your thing? Then be sure to take a look at brands like ISAIA and Tagliatore .

Fashion trend 90s checked jacketsFashion trend checked jackets 2018

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