Italians live for traditions and these are also of paramount importance at OGER. While the third Sunday of the month is considered Father's Day, the Italians celebrate this day on March 19. This day is dedicated to one of the most beloved saints in Italy, the protector of families, the neglected and the poor; called San Giuseppe, or Saint Joseph.

Fun fact: in the south there are many men with the name Giuseppe or a derivative thereof, such as Peppino, Beppe or Pino.

For several years now, Father's Day has no longer been a national holiday in Italy. This means that all fathers there simply have to go to work. But, the Italians wouldn't be the Italians if they didn't keep some of the festivities alive.

Now the big question arises: How do you celebrate Father's Day the Italian way? Read our tips to celebrate a true Festa Del Papà at your home this year!

Make a Le Zeppole di San Giuseppe

A typical Italian dish, especially for this day. It is a kind of doughnut, made from only water and flour. It is fried in hot oil and served with powdered sugar, honey, cinnamon, whipped cream or amarena cherry.

Go to the stage

In Italy, plays based on the life of the great Saint Joseph are held everywhere on this day. Take your father on a cultural outing to a theater and enjoy a beautiful play together.

Go cruising in a Ferrari

Driving a Ferrari is of course the childhood dream of many men. For some who own such a beautiful car, this is a daily reality, but if this is not the case with your father, rent a Ferrari and go out for a day together.

Organize a dinner with Italian delicacies

For Italians, this day is all about hospitality and family love, so invite your closest relatives and organize a delicious dinner. This is in line with the fact that in Italy many towns and cities host dinners where the rich serve the poor. Fill the table with delicious antipasti, charcuterie, cannelloni, pesto and formaggi. Complement this with a good wine, a glass of limocello and sgroppinos for a successful evening.

If this is not quite what you are looking for, check out the items we have selected especially for your fathers!

Have dinner at Toscanini

Don't feel like being the chef yourself? No problem, Toscanini in Amsterdam was named the best Italian restaurant in the Netherlands during the restaurant awards last year. They cook according to tradition and use the power of Italian cuisine in all its purity, simplicity and honesty.

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