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The suit is more than a piece of clothing. A suit is the perfect garment for multiple occasions. In addition, it gives a man self-confidence and extra charm. At the beginning of the 20th century, the suit looked very different than it does today. (Men's) fashion is constantly changing. Nowadays suits include colors and textures and there is a wide range of choice. It is important to wear a suit that fits you well and offers the right fit.

Nowadays, wearing a stylish suit is essential and indispensable for every man. Details and accessories play an important role and complete the outfit. In addition, the suit must fit the body as well as possible. This not only makes it pleasant to wear, but also a good investment for the longer term.

Don't exaggerate, less is more..
Indispensable in every wardrobe; the black suit

It is clear that a suit is indispensable in the wardrobe. Let's not forget the black suit. The black suit has a lot to offer, because this color goes with everything and looks refined. A black suit is not only a suitable alternative for work, but also for weddings and private appointments. For example, you can wear the jacket and trousers separately in different combinations to get even more out of the suit.

The black suit is often forgotten, skipped for the recognizable and popular blue or gray suit. Still, it pays to add a black suit to the wardrobe in a world of mainly navy and gray suits. The solid and deep color makes the black suit one of the easiest items to combine.

A black suit offers an endless amount of combinations, after all, every color goes well with it. The 'key to success' may be combining different textures so that it does not look like a black whole. The black suit is the perfect basis for shirts with stripes or small structures such as an Oxford or Twill shirt. Think of white, gray or pastel shades. By adding an accessory such as a tie or pocket square in a less neutral color or structure, you can add an extra interesting layer to the outfit. For a more casual look, the black suit is easy to combine with, for example, a white t-shirt with a gray knit on top or a casual shirt and loafers.

Keep it simple

Black Tie

The most important thing is to keep it simple. Go for clean lines and a timeless look for this dress code. Add an extra dimension with, for example, a shawl or peak lapel. A pair of black Oxford shoes complete the outfit and provide an extra refined detail.

Business Casual

Because of the deep color, black suits are ideal for a business casual look. Make conscious choices about how you want to wear the suit. This can be with a light-colored button-down cardigan, polo or a slim-fit v-neck sweater. There are several options when it comes to shoes. A black pair of loafers, oxfords or brogues are excellent choices. If you want to add a tie, choose one in a simple color or pattern, for example a knitted tie.

Smart Casual

The many possibilities of combining casual elements with more formal ones is what makes this dress code so interesting. To perfect this outfit it is important to strive for the right combination. Round neck sweaters and T-shirts can be combined well with this look. As with the other looks, shoes are an important addition. Suede loafers or brogues keep the casual look optimally balanced. Complete the outfit with accessories. A beautiful patterned scarf gives a new dimension to the black suit.

Total Black Look

For the total black look you can combine a black suit with, for example, a shirt in the same color. Of course, this look can be made more casual by wearing the black suit with a black polo or T-shirt. In addition, this is an excellent time to purchase quality pieces. Black is a safe and versatile choice that is not necessarily seasonal. Look at here all items matching an all-black look.

Formal matters

For non-festive formal occasions, the black suit is the garment par excellence. The black suit is extremely suitable because of the deep dark color. Combine the black suit with a white shirt with single or double cuffs, in combination with a black or dark blue tie. Black shoes complete the outfit, and you can also wear a white pocket square, if folded into a rectangle.

The perfect black suit starts with the right fit. Every body is different. A suit made of wool or cotton breathes well and can therefore be worn in both summer and winter. Combine it with neutral colors such as white, gray, navy or olive green and bring the suit to life with the right fits. For informal occasions, a colorful pocket square, t-shirt, polo or loafers are ideal. It gives a playful and relaxed twist. Do you need a tuxedo, but would you rather not purchase one? The black suit is just as chic with a white shirt and bow tie. It's all about balance when wearing the ultimate black suit.

Are you looking for more black items to complete your look? Then view all our black items in the current collection.

Below are a number of tips and tops for wearing a black suit.

► The styling of a black suit depends on the occasion. For formal or black tie events, a classic white shirt with a bow or silk tie is the best option.
► Complete your formal look with black (patent) leather shoes or black suede cap-toe shoes. Go for a cooler look with Chelsea boots.
► A black suit can look sleeker than other colored suits. Wear a textured shirt underneath for more definition and play.
► Don't forget the accessories. Silver, bronze or mother of pearl cufflinks are a subtle way to add warmth.
► Replace the white shirt for a t-shirt in the summer months or a turtleneck in the winter months. Make sure they are neutral colors and you are good to go for your casual appointments.
► Wearing your suit does not have to mean that it always has to be combined with trousers and a jacket. Combine the jacket with slim-fit gray trousers or jeans.
► A major advantage of black is that it can withstand dirt well. However, don't forget to wipe any stains with a damp cloth. Only take your suit to the dry cleaner if it is really necessary.

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