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Jacob Cohën was founded by Tato Bardelle in the Veneto region, Italy. Since its launch, Jacob Cohën has built a strong position in the market. Kurabo Denim from Japan, fabrics of the highest qualities, is used. The global expansion came in 2003 through the attentiveness and creativity of his son Nicola. Jacob Cohën was positioned alongside the bigger brands around the world and became a real must-have item.

In 2004, Jacob Cohën introduced men's chinos and the first 'Limited Edition' collections. Four years later, the first 'Total Look' for men was launched; unique, recognizable collections characterized by high-end designs, masterful color combinations and the use of fine fabrics.

The collections are sold in more than 450 stores throughout Italy and 1,500 stores worldwide, including Belgium, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, the Middle East, Japan and Canada.

What makes Jacob Cohën so desirable are its unique features: comfort, the high quality of the fabrics, and an exclusive elegance. The craftsmanship of this denim specialist is admired all over the world.

The luxurious appearance of Jacob Cohën jeans is characterized by the use of the highest quality materials and a sharp eye for playful details. Everything is perfected down to the last detail at Jacob Cohën. Each pair of jeans comes with an extra roll of thread in the same color as the striking stitching. With this, Jacob Cohën shows his authenticity. The silver-plated buttons, hand-stitched hems, and handwritten care instructions complete it.

'Created the ideal jeans. Comfortable, elegant and suitable for everyone.'

From the beginning, the Italian fashion house has been very aware of its environment. Environmental friendliness is self-evident, as is the well-being of employees. No chemicals are used to dye or wash the jeans. Instead, Jacob Cohëm uses the Greek pumice stone. The jeans are handmade with only the very best fabrics. These luxurious fabrics are perfectly cut for the best fit and finish. No two jeans are the same due to the unique effects of the wash, which makes the individuality of the wearer stand out. Jacob Cohën jeans mold to your body and only get better with time.

A wonderful extra from Jacob Cohën is the opportunity to look behind the scenes. When purchasing, each pair of jeans comes with a tracking code that gives you access to the production process. The information you receive as a customer is unique.

The past and the future, traditions and innovations are interwoven in every creation of the brand. All products are designed and handmade in Italy. The jeans are made for the man who likes comfort and a good fit. The majority of the collection is made of a cotton-stretch fabric that contains at least 2% elastane. This ensures that the jeans fit perfectly to the body.

Jacob Cohën stands for style and combines today's trends with timeless men's fashion. This makes the jeans wearable on different occasions. The jeans in combination with an essential white or blue shirt and a blazer gives an elegant but sporty look. This can easily be worn to work in many professions. Combine the jeans with a cardigan or jacket for a more casual look, perfect for days off.

The jeans can be divided into the different fits 620, 622, 688 and 696. The 620 model is a regular fit jeans. The 622 and 688 models are slim-fit jeans and the 696 is skinny jeans. Jacob Cohën also has a line of premium jeans, including the 'limited edition' and the 'Nick' jeans. There is also a distinction between the different models, J and PW. The J models are made from the best denim fabrics in the world. The PW are the cheaper variant of jeans from the brand. At OGER we offer the most extensive and exclusive men's jeans collection from Jacob Cohën.

Jacob Cohen J620: the perfect regular fit jeans with extra leg room. The model J620 is a regular-fit jeans. This model is characterized by the wider fit on the thighs and at the bottom. The waist height of these jeans is normal.

Jacob Cohen J622: the slim-fit jeans at its best. Model J620 is one of Jacob Cohen's slim-fit styles. This model has a tight fit, but still offers more space on the thighs than the J688. The J622 has a normal waist height. These men's jeans fit perfectly around the legs, making the jeans feel very soft and comfortable. This applies to all Jacob Cohen models. The jeans have a button closure and a light stretch, which ensures optimal wearing comfort.

Jacob Cohen J688: the sporty and business slim fit jeans! The Jacob Cohen J688 men's jeans are very different in contrast to the other models. These jeans are sportier, because they have a more fitted fit on both the upper legs and the bottom. It has a slim fit and includes a higher waist at the back of the jeans. Furthermore, the jeans have a button closure and are 5-pocket jeans. These jeans can be combined well with a jacket, a shirt or of course an elegant polo.

Jacob Cohen 696 jeans: the latest skinny-fit model. The Jacob Cohen 696 men's jeans are a new model that is aimed at fashionable men who like skinny jeans. This means that the jeans have a tight fit both at the top and at the bottom. Nowadays every stylish man has a number of skinny jeans in his wardrobe.

Due to the enormous popularity of the denim brand, Jacob Cohën has expanded the range. We offer the most comfortable and luxurious Jacob Cohën polos in our collections. The different colors of the short-sleeved polo can be easily combined and worn in the summer. For winter we offer the long sleeve variant. The Jacob Cohën polos are made of stretch cotton and contain a logo on the left chest.

Jacob Cohën Jeans are durable and offer the very best denim. Creativity and Italian finesse are core values ​​of the company and have been demonstrable since day one. In short, Jacob Cohën jeans are a good investment for the future!

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